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Cinef Studio was founded in 2018 as a commercial fashion photography studio. The studio is involved in different areas of commercial photography, and has maintained a focus on the field of fashion portrait and art space since its establishment. We have our own understanding of light and shadow and are committed to helping you with your shooting needs. We hope you enjoy our studio, please feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions.

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Shanghai, China, 20093

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Pei Weiran

Founder — My passion for photography is minimalist aesthetics, fashion and self-integrity. The blog focuses on promoting popular design about photography, graphic design, art sharing and aesthetics. We cultivate a fan base of fashion film lovers every day. If you liked what we wrote, feel free to comment and follow our posts.


Fashion film

Editor –Photography is a balance between composition and vision. The fashion film aesthetic captures this balance perfectly. It objectively affects our subjective perception of all visual communication. Personally, it's also very beautiful. This is not only a kind of artistic accomplishment promotion, but also a very good visual aesthetic feeling.